I decided to interview Bonnie and Jeff simply because I saw them come together as a couple and witnessed that philosophy we desire in a relationship of, “s/he makes me a better person.”  Both were perfectly wonderful and happy people before meeting one another. Yet, I have to say/write, they just don’t stop smiling. It’s really lovely to see.

Bonnie is a three-time cancer survivor and a Health Coach with Optavia.  You will find more information about Bonnie at  www.thinkhealthnow.com   With her own experience of losing a fair amount of weight and keeping it off for several years, she is passionate about supporting others in doing the same.

Jeff is a happy-go-lucky guy who always has something positive to say about life and the way in which it should be lived.  His day job is as a General Contractor. His home ~ their home! ~ is a stellar example ~ inside and out ~ of how to live a simply beautiful life.

You will love this show for the simple basics of life in which these two believe in and live.

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Until next time…remember………Healing happens when you’re horizontal.  So lie down and get busy……whether it’s napping, having good a make-out session, or simply pillow talk with your partner in Bliss.  

All the Best and Much Love ~ Diane Lane, LMT

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