This is a couple who met under somewhat unusual circumstances, yet grew to know each other better ~ and fall in love ~ in the best of circumstances.  In my opinion, of course. They share openly about their core values, their beliefs around the differences between men and women, and when and where they have their difficult conversations.   What they do after those conversations will really get you to thinking!!

I admire Michael and Meghan for their view of how to generate their marriage.  Quite frankly, I found it to be music to my ears!

You are going to love this show AND learn a LOT!


Both Michael and Meghan are personal coaches for the “solo-preneur,” aka, entrepreneurs who work alone in their business.  Michael is a Professional Podcaster, Author, Speaker and Mentor to Entrepreneurs. He was also a once an actor and Knight! You will find more information about Michael at where you will find his podcast, Consciously Speaking: A Catalyst for Lasting Change.  As well, visit what I refer to as Michael’s mega training center: ~ Become the next Go-To Expert, instead of The Best Kept Secret.  


I cannot say enough about how support and simply fantastic Michael has been to work with regarding the launch of L’ Art of Romance Podcast.  Merci beaucoup, Michael!!

Meghan Neeley has the fabulous coaching program for women called Be Your Own Bad Ass Boss.  If you do one thing today to inspire yourself to humanity and the essence of femininity, read the About page at   You will understand the passion she has to support women “solo-preneurs” into becoming….well, Bad Ass!  You will also get a wee glimpse into the elements which make the marriage between Michael and her quite likely…. A bit steamy!  

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All the Best and Much Love ~ Diane Lane, LMT

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