Couples share what they do to keep the romance in their relationship.

Welcome to L’ Art of Romance! I am your host, Diane Lane.

I’m here to invite you to this show, L’ Art of Romance: a podcast about romance and relationships.

I wish I could tell you I have years of experience working with couples; I don’t. I wish I could tell you I have vast experience as a couple; I cannot do that either. I can tell you I love speaking with people on all sorts of topics; the more philosophical, or the more about Humans Being…all the better. I also love a good, juicy conversation about what makes relationships work. I’ve pined over those couples who seem to have something really special….really unique. And, that is where this podcast comes in.

I have this desire to know: How do they keep it going? How do they keep it together? How do they get through the tough spots?

This podcast is called L’ Art of Romance, it’s not L’ Art of Relationships, but it might seem like that’s what it might be. I believe in order to keep a relationship going for a long time, or even a short time, it really takes something. And, inside of it taking something, I know there is romance in there….there is, at least, love. And, maybe romance gets translated into love.

I’m interested in what couples do for one another to keep the flame…keep that relationship to where when they do become an older couple they’re still holding hands while walking down the street, or they are sitting on a park bench gazing into each other’s eyes….they love each other and there is no one else they would rather be with.

I love the quote from Ben Taplin, “I would rather have five more minutes with you over a lifetime with anyone else.” That is what I am looking for in the relationships with the couples I will be interviewing.

To say more about the couples I’ll be interviewing: Initially, I wanted to interview couples who have been married a long long time; to get their wisdom and words of advice. But along the way what I found is that there are people who have been married, or not married ~ just partners ~ who have been together for five or six years and they have the juiciest relationships and the stories. I’ve interviewed a couple who is not, yet, married and, clearly, they are madly in love with one another. Mind you, they are in their late 50’s and early 60’s, and they have been around the block a time or two, but they have wisdom I believe you will want to hear.

I hope you will enjoy the interviews as much as I enjoyed interviewing my guests. I invite you to let me know of anyone who you feel would be fun to have on this podcast, by all means, let me know! You may get in touch with me, or send them my direction via

It is my sincerest desire for you to love this show. It is my intention with each show you walk away with something to bring to your relationship to make it better.

In order to keep this show alive, I need you and your support. I invite you to subscribe to the show and leave a review and rating. In leaving a review, please feel free to be authentic. Write what you like or don’t like so other may know whether or not this show is for them. Lastly, follow me on all the social media outlets we have. You will find L’ Art of Romance on Facebook. On Instagram @L_artofromance Twitter @L_ArtOfRomance I look forward to your feedback there.

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I look forward to the next time…
Until then, remember…

Healing happens when you’re horizontal….

Thank you so much to the following people:
Michael Neeley – My Podcast Coach – I wouldn’t be here without YOU!
Richard Gedeborg @ ~ My Audio Editor. Your patience exemplifies your kindness!
Karim Manning aka DJ Kuma – Recording Engineer and friendly support…and two-hour wonderful conversations.


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